Job Free Living 101

Turning Your Passion & Experience into a Business

Job Free Living 101! Okay, it's time to get serious. You've just read the course description and instructor bio from the previous page Job Free Living Now it's time for you to do some serious homework before attending the JobFreeLiving seminar. Throughout the class we will be talking about creating multiple streams of income, and we will present several business models that you can use to create and build your own home business, and create your own multiple streams of income.

Please check out the following links and be prepared to discuss them in the class. These are two of my absolute favorite business models, and they can be used to create several different streams of income.

Building Content Websites

Building content websites! Yes, even internet newbies can build content rich websites like the one you're on... is a 300+ page website filled with free information (content) dedicated to helping women start and build their perfect home based business.

And that's our niche, women who want to have their own home business. Sure, the information about starting and growing a home business is essentially the same for both women and men (and there are several men who come to this site and subscribe to our ecourse and newsletter), but as you'll soon learn, you need to target a relatively small audience rather than the whole world, and that is called niche marketing.

So check out the links below to learn more about our favorite online website building & learning experience... where you will learn how to build a website, and start building a home based business at the same time. It's much more than just a website builder... it's an education! It's a huge site, and we'll give you several links to various parts of the site for you to enjoy...

Build Your Website
Work at Home Moms WAHMs
Website Building Case Studies
Video Testimonials
Compare SBI to other hosts
Talk to another SBI owner!
Ready to order SBI?

Now, did you check out those links? Great! Other than having your own personal coach and mentor, SBI is the BEST online resource we've found for teaching YOU how to create and build your own content rich website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an entirely different way to earn a living on the internet. Yes, it still involves websites, niche marketing, keywords, and everything else that we will cover in the Job Free Living 101 class, but now we're talking about smaller, 1, 2, or 3-page websites, and a whole different business model.

So check out this link for our favorite online affiliate marketing & learning experience... which we affectionately call Wealthy Affiliate University

Okay, did you check out the Wealthy Affiliate website? Great! Because Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST online resource we've found for teaching YOU about affiliate marketing. The only thing better is having your own personal coach and mentor.

And in a way, you even get that at Wealthy Affiliate because the owners of WA, Kyle and Carson, make themselves available to help members all the time... and you get to follow their advice and suggestions in the WA forums. It's really a great learning experience!

Putting it all Together

Putting it all together! Okay, if you've been to those links, you have a rough idea about building large, content filled websites, and about affiliate marketing. But there's a lot more to it, than just reading a few pages on a website.

So, spend some time on those websites, gather your questions, and come prepared to discover a whole new world and a whole new lifestyle by attending the upcoming session of Job Free Living 101, and we'll make sense of it all together!

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