Expanding Your Business Beyond the WAHM Comfort Zone

One of the things WAHMs are best at is supporting and nurturing their colleagues in business. As a WAHM, you probably have a close circle of WAHM friends that you may have met locally or online. They share in your successes, offer advice when you get stuck and listen when you have a bad day. They understand your life as a work at home mom! This is a great blessing.

However, to grow as a person and a business professional, it is important to regularly venture outside of the cozy confines of the WAHM comfort zone once in a while. “Why on Earth would I want to do that?” you may ask. Actually, there are lots of very good reasons.

Even if you have been able to conduct all of your business online so far, why should you ignore the business in your own ‘backyard’? Check your local paper for the times and locations for meetings of business networking groups or call your local Chamber of Commerce and find out when they hold their meetings. Let’s say you go to the next meeting and there are 30 people there; statistics show that the average person knows 250 people…. Well, if each of those 30 people in your networking group knows 250 people, who knows how many of them may need your product or service?

By showing up regularly for meetings and events, you will get to know the other members. The conversation will eventually lead to the subject of what each of you does for a living. When they, or someone they know, are in need of your services, you will be the first person they think of to ask for help. Likewise, when you are in need of something, you will have an established list of contacts that will be more than willing to help you out!

Plus, these networking groups often have guest speakers and business seminars. Who knows? You may end up picking up some tax tips or learn some community news you wouldn’t have heard about if you were surfing an online WAHM forum. In addition, these events give you a reason to get dressed up and get out of the house, and sometimes that is the only reason you need to go to them!

Stepping outside your WAHM comfort zone may be a little scary at first but can reward you with new business, fresh perspectives, and even some exciting new joint venture opportunities. Thankfully, when you return, your circle of friends will be there to support you, and you will have new experiences and inspiration to share with them. Challenging yourself will benefit everyone in your group!

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