How Article Marketing can Dramatically Boost Your Business

Article Marketing is a great tool to use to attract the right kind of visitors to your site. Article Marketing is the simple process of writing articles and submitting them to article reprint directories on the web.

As you know, having fresh content on your website and blog is very important when it comes to getting search engine traffic. Many website owners and bloggers visit article reprint directories on a daily basis, in search of articles to use on their sites. When you submit an article to a directory, you are allowing other website owners and bloggers permission to add your article to their site – for free. However, they need to include an “about the author” box at the end of the article. You get to write what you want included in that box, so include a bit of information about the product or service you offer and include links to your site.

When the website owner or blogger puts your article up on the web, all of their readers will see your biography information and the links to your website. Your article could end up on hundreds or thousands of websites, and quite possibly, millions of people could end up reading it! Who knows how many people could click on your link?

It is very easy to find these article reprint directories on the web. Just do a Google search on “free reprint article directories” and many listings will pop up. Some are highly targeted and feature only articles health articles; or only articles about food; and other directories are more general. You can submit your article to more than one directory, and there are even some software packages that will submit the articles for you.

The topics you can choose to write about are limitless. What is the focus of your website? Be creative and think of why someone would want to visit your website and create an article about it. Think of a need that your potential customers have, and write an article that addresses that need. Someone who sells Tupperware for instance, could easily write about food related items or take it a step further an write an article about the fact that the plastic containers are great for organizing toys, bathroom items or even nuts and bolts in the garage.

If you do not like to write, don’t worry. You can hire a ghostwriter to write your article for you. You can ask other Internet Marketers for referrals on reputable ghostwriters. The prices for an article will vary, but an average rate is about $10 to $12 for a 500 word article. Once you discuss with the ghostwriter what you are looking for, they will write the article and send it back to you. Some ghostwriters may also include submit the article to reprint directories for you. Article marketing is an excellent and free way to build traffic for your website and increase your business exposure. The best part is, you can start right now and learn as you go! Enjoy your learning process and be sure write and share with me your article marketing stories!


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