Newest Business Idea - Build Your Business With Fundraisers

You've learned a lot about how to start and build your business, how to market and network ... here's a little utilized method of building your business with fundraisers. If you're blessed to be a Mom, you probably have already seen or participated in fundraisers for your children's schools. Spiritual and non-profit organizations also hold fundraisers.

These are some ways you can build your business with fundraisers. If you sell a product, you can donate your product to the fundraiser. If you are in direct sales, the company that you represent may have a fundraising program in place. If not, you can create your own fundraiser program. You can donate a percent of your profits to a specific organization. Don’t worry about having to give up a portion of your income. By participating in the fundraiser, you will be receiving more sales and the percent you give away will bring you more exposure and goodwill and other benefits to your business. In addition your donations will be tax deductible.

Another benefit of building your business with fundraiser is that you can follow-up with those who purchased your products. Some of these people may continue to be customers long after that initial sale. If you are a direct sales consultant, they may also book parties with you or even become a consultant.

If your business involves selling a service you can offer a free service as a fundraiser prize. For example, some organizations hold silent auctions. You can offer your services as one of the items that will be auctioned. Some organizations hold raffles, and you can offer your services as a prize. If you are a professional organizer, offer to clean out the winner’s garage!

Fundraisers provide you and your business with publicity and media exposure. The organization usually will have some type of press release with the names of the people that donate their time and services. Local media outlets such as newspapers, radio, and TV stations may publicize the event before, during, and after it has taken place. This provides a lot of opportunity for your business to gain press exposure.

Another benefit to your business of participating in fundraisers, is that the organization may be so impressed by you, that they hire you for paid work in the future! Ask the person in charge of the fundraiser for referrals of people that they may know who are in need of your products or services.

If the fundraiser is an event that people will be attending, such as a silent auction, the guests may also be impressed and ask the person in charge of the event for your name. Let the organization know that it is okay to recommend you!

If you would like to find a fundraiser to help with, call your local schools, religious organizations, and non-profit groups. They can help you find a cause that you are willing to donate your time and efforts for.


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