How Business Podcasting Can Increase Your Profits

Business podcasting is one of the newest and most interesting ways to build your business on the internet. Podcasting is named after the Apple iPod MP3 player, and refers to the process of uploading MP3 file recordings onto your website. Other people can download these sound files into their MP3 players or listen online.

A business podcast is a tremendously powerful relationship building tool. It is similar to a blog, but instead of reading your words, people can listen to your voice. Many podcasts have a format similar to a radio talk show, where the host offers their expertise on a specific topic. Some business podcasts will interview guests or include a roundtable discussion.

Business podcasting is an excellent way to generate publicity. Podcasts are one of the newest trends on the internet and many people have made them, a regular part of their online experience. It is possible to integrate your business podcast with iTunes. Listeners can arrange to have your podcast automatically downloaded onto their Mp3 player. There are also RSS feeds that will do the same thing.

You can choose to have a general podcast that will generate publicity for your website. You can also choose to have your podcast promote a single item, such as an information product you have created.

You can even earn money with your business podcast by selling ad space that will play during your podcast. You can also share your affiliate links during your podcast. For example, you can review a product that you are an affiliate for, and then tell your listeners to check out the product at your affiliate link.

Depending on your type of business, you may decide to create a members only business podcast. This is offered only to people that have paid a membership fee to you. These business podcasts need to be informative, unique, and offer information that is in demand that people will be willing to pay for. Generally a members only business podcast is at least an hour in length. You may interview experts or present the podcast as a mini information product.

You can promote your business podcast on your website, offering a preview of at upcoming topics or guests. You may also want to create a newsletter that reminds people when new podcasts are uploaded and provides links for more information.

If you interview a colleague for your business podcast, ask them to send out an email to their list letting them know they will be a guest on your podcast. If your guest has a large mailing list, many people will subscribe to your podcast in order to hear the interview. You can also provide a press release template so your guests can alert the local media of their appearance. You can also send out press releases to publicize your guestsÂ’ interview.

To create a business podcast, you can use a service such as Audio Acrobat. For a monthly fee, you can record and upload audio files to your website. Audio Acrobat allows you to record your podcast from your computer microphone or telephone. They are also integrated with iTunes, so your business podcast will have the potential to be accessed by millions of people. To edit your audio, you can use free software, such as Audacity.

Business podcasting is a fun and very profitable way of building relationships with your target market. Unlike traditional internet talk radio, business podcasting is affordable so even small home based businesses and start up companies can share unique products and services with millions of potential listeners. Enjoy!


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