Home Based Business
Success Stories and
Case Studies

Let's take a look at some of our readers' home based business success stories and case studies...

Case Study #1

Carol Leather

Carol Leather is an online friend and associate, and her's is one of my favorite home based business success stories. Starting as a little girl in England, she was always an entrepreneur at heart.

Now she's a Mom, Grandmother, wife, and proud owner of several small home based businesses. But before I get carried away and start telling you her story, go on over to her case study and read how she turned a lifelong passion into a thriving home business.

Case Study #2

Andreanne Hamel

Read how Andreanne went from a physics major in college to master of her universe!

Yes, she was on track for a great job, a well-paying job in the scientific community... one that she dreamed about as a little girl.

But now in her twenties, it looked more like... slavery! And she wanted a life of freedom. Read her case study here.

Case Study #3

Online Order Fulfillment Services Company - Denise in her Warehouse

Here's an entrepreneur success story for you. Read how Denise didn't know anything about order fulfillment and distribution, but ended up owning and running a very successful home based order fulfillment services company out of her garage.

And now after several years of success, she's training others how to do the same thing. Read her case study here. And as a bonus, here's a little photo gallery of her warehouse and distribution center to go along with her home business success story.