Freeing Yourself from the Home Business Blues

The Home Business Blues is a little know malady that quietly affects thousands of unsuspecting home business owners, causing depression, irritability, low profitability and productivity, and in some cases causing home business owners to "throw in the towel". You might have some experience yourself with the Home Business Blues! Many women in business suffer from this at one time or another.

Very few of us were raised to be entrepreneurs. Most of us were raised in public schools systems which trained us to be obedient and efficient employees. We get up every morning, go to school or a job, and do our work. We're not helped to develop kind of thinking and personality traits that are required to be successful in business.

When you are your own boss, suddenly you are responsible for everything. You are even responsible for the tasks you may not be very good at! If you are working at home, you are also facing the challenge of working in relative isolation, without the day to day contact with colleagues and co-workers, AND all the challenges that come with balancing your work, your home life, the needs of your family.

The Home business Blues can sneak up upon us at any time, causing us to feel frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed. When we are in the grip of the Home Business blues, our previous excitement about our business evaporates, and is replaced by a heavy cloud of depression. Nothing seems worth it, the actions we take feel pointless. The Home Business Blues can appear when business is slow, or when a deal goes bad, a computer crashes, a business partner quits, or when we encounter an unexpected expense that eats into our profitability.

Home business owners are especially vulnerable to the home business blues, because we work in relative isolation. sitting in front of your computer all day by yourself can perpetuate the home business blues, because isolation feeds depression.

I've been privileged not only to work at home for most of my adult life, but also to coach and support hundreds of people in the process of starting their first business. I've seen the Home Business Blues wreak havock especially in the lives of new business owners who are most vulnerable. They haven't been immunized yet by the "school or hard knocks" and are unprepared for the rigors and emotional ups and downs that accompany business ownership. It is most definitely NOT for the faint of heart!

Thankfully, the home business blues is not a terminal condition. :-) There are several proven strategies that you can use to pull yourself out of the blues and move forward to a more energized and productive business experience.

  • When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and hopeless about your business, go take a walk. Yes, literally, get yourself out of the office, into the fresh air. If the weather is bad, take a walk on the exercise bike, or put on some music and dance! Get yourself moving, and leave behind the practical tasks.

  • When you are feeling heavy and discouraged, you need to change the energy in your home office. Open the windows, clear out the clutter, change the desktop image on your computer, and let go of anything that is not absolutely essential to your business.

  • Now is the time to seek the advice and support of your business colleagues. What? You don't have any business colleagues? Well that is part of the problem. You need to be connected with other successful home business owners, who understand the challenges and difficulties you are going through. Find some home business networking groups that you feel connected to, join them, and introduce yourself.

  • Take some time to discuss what is going on in your business with a colleague, coach or mentor. The old saying, "two heads are better than one" is worth its weight in gold in the business world! Brainstorm solutions to your business challenges, write them down, and make a plan.

  • When you are feeling down, pull out your original business plan, which has the mission statement of your business. Read it! See and feel the vision and passion that originally motivated you to create your business. Spend some quiet time within your own heart and re-commit to your vision! If you have difficult doing this alone, do it with a colleague, coach or business partner.

  • Sometimes the home business blues are a sign that you need to make changes in your business. Other times, the blues are simply a apart of the process as you go through the inevitable cycle of ups and downs that accompany any business. don't make ANY changes while you're depressed! You may regret these later. Tomorrow, the sun will shine a little brighter and you will feel a renewed sense of excitement and optimism about your business, and you can make decisions with a clearer perspective.

The home business blues can sneak up upon us at any time. The ups and downs are a natural part of building a business, and following these suggestions can help you to remain in a positive frame of mind, so you can get through the rough periods and persist long enough to realize your business dreams!

More Tips to leave Behind the Home Business Blues

These additional tips on overcoming the home business blues are shared by Carole Cross.

I've learned some wisdom through my 53 years, so I'll share what I do to combat the blues. First of all, have a daily business routine. Get up, take a walk, shower, get dressed like you're ready to meet the most important client you've ever welcomed.

Sit down, write out your goals, dreams and ambitions for the day. Think about the things you've been putting off, then make a list of how you can address those issues.

Sometimes, we get so scared of "those thoughts floating around in our head" and make them into the enemy. But when we write them down, good, bad and ugly, they are little more than little tasks, silly fears, or no-thing we need even think about. If we do need to do something, we've got our list in front of us and check off everything and low and behold, we're in control of our day again!

Visualize that you are supported by something much bigger than yourself (God, Spirit, Universe), whatever you call it you are not alone. And this Presence wants more than anything for you to be successful, happy, joyful in your days, because that is healing to your world.

Visualize the perfect clients calling you, contacting you, ordering from you and being so happy with their purchase that they refer many more people to your site.

I even make silly little chants that I write out, stick around the house and in my office such as, "For every client, I get three more, who spends $100 more than before!" BTW, you can keep increasing the amount when you are ready to receive more! :-)

Be joyful, even in the quiet times. My experience has shown me that those quiet, down times, when I use them to do internal housekeeping, listen to God, give gratitude for all the wonderful people, clients, lessons, and "things" I have in my life, that that "down time" was always a precursor to great growth and prosperity. Life and business is cyclical. How we approach each cycle presents the outcome. The choice is ours to make our life wonderful, creative, joyful and prosperous!

Do you have more tips on curing the home business blues? Send us your tip and we'll share it here with a link to your site.

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