More Home Business Ideas!

Create Your Own Unique Service

One of the more flexible and fun home business ideas is to create your own service business.

Do you enjoy helping people? Is there a specific activity or service you enjoy doing for others?

Service based home business ideas can be very creative as you will see.

Some benefits of creating your own service business:

  • Can be done with minimal investment if you already have the supplies.
  • Can be done locally without the need for the internet or computer access.
  • For many service businesses, you're not stuck at a desk all day (unless you offer a typing service!) and some businesses even take you outdoors or into different environments each day.
  • Offering a service to others can be fun and personally rewarding.
  • There is an unlimited abundance of creative home business ideas that you can develop in this area. Any task in your life that you find yourself saying "Gosh I wish I had help with this" is possibly a profitable home business idea!

Drawbacks of this home business idea:

  • You will inevitably run into some "not so nice" people, that are never happy with what you do. This is true for any business where you help people.
  • Many service based businesses are limited by your location, so if your community suffers an economic downturn or other change, your business will be affected.
  • Demand for your business will ebb and flow, and because you have a finite amount of time and energy there may be times when you need to turn away customers!

There are many services that you can provide to others from your home that require minimal investment, in some cases using supplies you already have at home. Is there something that you are good at, that you would enjoy doing for others? There are an abundance of home business ideas available to you in this area.

Our free Internet Business Ideas has a wealth of additional information that will give you some great ideas about developing a service business on the internet. There are additional ideas for a service based business here at 41 Hot Home Based Business Ideas for Women.

Brainstorm More Home Business Ideas

To brainstorm, take a look at the list you made of what activities you most enjoy, (see Starting a Home Business). Is there any activity there that other people NEED, that you can see yourself doing for others?

For example, if you love to putter around your garden and enjoy mowing lawns and making the yard beautiful, you can easily adapt this to a small landscaping business. My dad did this as a summer job when we were growing up. He used his own equipment that he carried in his station wagon. I remember how much he enjoyed the work even though it was physically challenging, because he loved to work outdoors.

If you enjoy playing a musical instrument and have good communication skills to teach others, you can teach! You will have to decide whether you are comfortable seeing students in your home, and if not, you'll need to find an alternate place to work.

Do you like children? Are you patient and do you have good communication skills? You could tutor children who need a little extra help with their schoolwork.

If you decide upon a service that many others do, like web design or housecleaning, find a unique selling proposition, something that helps to distinguish your work from others.

Find a Niche Market

Find new markets and niche markets that might be a good match for your talents and interests. Some of the best home business ideas have come when a person discovers a hidden niche that turns out to have a lot of potential.

Offline the best way to discover a niche is to keep your eyes and ears open in your community. If you're serious about your business you may want to hire a market research professional to help you determine the potential profitability of your home business idea.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

  • Personal Shopper (who doesn't need help with shopping!) - This kind of growing service business would work well for someone who enjoys being 'on the go', loves helping people, and is patient enough to deal with traffic, stores, shopping lists, etc. Depending on where you live and who you like interacting with, you can work for the elderly, for suburban households or for well off clientele. This service could be creatively adapted for the internet if you are focusing more on shopping for gifts and presents.
  • Writing Family Histories - This is the kind of unique service that can be marketed locally as well as on the internet. You will need to enjoy learning about people and delving into their past, and it will help if you are a good writer. You'll also want to either have a creative flair that allows you to create a beautifully packaged finished project, or hire someone to do this part.

There are endless creative possibilities, depending on the needs in your area. I found some new home business ideas recently that blew my socks off ... unique niche local businesses ideas I had never even thought of!

Create An Online Business

How would you like to have an online business that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year? View this short video and learn how you can find the right niche, and build a website and home business around your niche. You do not have to be a technical wizard to do this. Watch the video and see if any ideas pop into your mind.

Wholesale to Retail Re-Selling

Do you enjoy or collect certain products or items, like antique lamps, unique clothing, herbs, bicycles? Consider being a re-seller. You buy a product at wholesale and sell at retail, the profit pays you for the work involved in getting the product to your customer. You will need to create a way of marketing your product to customers.

Do you love restoring antique items? You could visit garage sales and find items that can be fixed up and then sold for a profit. This kind of business is great for someone who enjoys going to flea markets and finding unexpected treasures! You can learn more about how to find good wholesalers at this article Finding Quality Wholesale Product Suppliers.