Affordable Home Business Mentoring for Women

Hello, thanks for visiting our home business mentoring service! We have been teaching, coaching, mentoring, and training others for over 20 years. I've been self employed for several years, both before and after a 17 year career with the IRS, and I have a degree in Finance from California State University, Sacramento. Thanks to the internet we are now able to offer you a unique, affordable, personalized home business mentoring service that is designed to help you to succeed doing the work you love.

Our unique, hands-on approach to business ensures that you build a business with integrity and values that nurtures your spirit and contributes positively to the world, and that is both profitable and enjoyable.

We will help you to discover and put into practice your unique talents and interests, and can assist you at all stages of choosing, starting, marketing, and expanding your home based business. We can save you years of wasted time and effort!

Do You Need Help?

These are just a few of the different home business mentoring topics we can assist you with:

  • Where do you start? You can save yourself a years worth of time by knowing the answer to this question!

  • Evaluating and choosing the right business for you.

  • Discovering what types of business are most suited to your personality and skills.

  • The essential keys to success on the internet... without this knowledge your efforts will be wasted.

  • Finding the most effective and affordable business tools.

  • Prioritizing your time so you can earn income faster.

  • Discovering your strengths and unique gifts, and how to turn these into income.

  • Charging what you are worth for your services, your products and your time.

  • Creating an effective business plan.

  • What to do with a business that is failing... can you revive it or should you let it go?

  • Developing a heart centered entrepreneurial mindset. You CAN do business this way!

  • Creating a daily plan of action that will bring income into your business.

  • How to manifest your dreams, starting with your thoughts.

  • Releasing self limiting beliefs.

  • Recognizing ineffective and unproductive business habits.

Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Helping women from a non-business background to develop a successful business.

  • Assisting women who are in the helping professions to develop a heart centered entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Building an internet business that does not require extensive technical skills.

  • Releasing self defeating business habits.

  • Developing an attitude of abundance that brings what you need easily into your life and your business.

  • Doing business with integrity and values... how to succeed without compromising what is most important to you.

  • Succeeding in network marketing, MLM, or direct sales, and how to determine whether your personality and skills are a good fit for this industry.

  • Succeeding in a service based business, how to develop a local and international clientele, how to generate leads via the internet, how to market and grow your service business.

  • How to use autoresponders, email lists, and RSS to grow your business.

  • We have been using Site Build It! since 2001 and can offer our experience and expertise in growing a business with this tool.

What we cannot do for you:

  • We are not computer experts so we cannot help you to use your computer, your email, or various software products you may need help with.

  • We are not web designers and our knowledge of HTML is limited so we cannot offer you advice in this area.

  • We do not offer legal or financial advice.

  • We cannot help you with the local or national business regulations in your area.

Learn more about our background and experience here.

Mentoring Services

Most home business mentoring and coaching services will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per session. Indeed, my own rates for telephone consultations are $150 per hour. But, I am committed to providing you with a MUCH more affordable service via the internet, which allows you to benefit from my many years of experience as a successful home business owner, without breaking your pocketbook. I guarantee my service, so if you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your fee within two weeks of our session.

Please understand that I can offer these services at this low rate because the convenience and time savings of using email allows me to help more people in less time than if I were offering telephone consultations at my usual rate of $150 per hour. I am skilled at asking the right questions and getting to the essence of what you need in a short time.

  • Single email home business mentoring session: our introductory price was only $25, but for a limited time you can try it now for FREE! (regular price is $50). Offers personalized home business mentoring, training, and home business consultation - 1 question or topic with up to three follow up responses. Special limited time offer: For a limited time, we will be offering this mentoring service for free!

  • One week of email home business mentoring sessions: with an introductory price of $75 (regular price is $150). Offers intensive personalized home business mentoring, training, and home business consultation for five questions or topics. This includes three follow up email responses to EACH question within one calendar week. Currently full! But feel free to try our FREE email mentoring special as described above before it ends soon.

  • Monthly home business support: ($50 per month) includes four weekly goal setting, accountability and coaching email sessions, with one personalized follow up response per week AND one new, free ten page special report EACH month on building a home based internet business. (Coming Soon!)

Here's how it works:

Once you place your order, you will be redirected to a form that asks you to include detailed information about your business questions and concerns. This will come to you from my private email address that is only available to my mentoring clients.

After you fill out this form you'll be brought to our Mentoring Agreement form which you will "sign" and send back to me. I will contact you within two weeks to begin our work together.

Your mentoring session includes three follow up communications. If I need more information beyond what you've requested, I will contact you with further questions before we begin.

If you've ordered the five session package, we will start with your first question and address that, and then move forward when you are ready for the next question.

If I cannot help you with your concerns, I will let you know and refund your payment.

If you are not satisfied with our service you can request a full refund within five business days.

If you have additional questions or concerns about home business mentoring, please contact me here.