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My Idea of Happiness...

"To be a happy, successful person whom others can admire and want to learn from."

I developed this mission statement while taking the Self-Employment Assistance Program (sponsored by Human Resources Development Canada) during the start up phase of my Virtual Assistance and Website Design business.

I have lived by this statement ever since and have accomplished it and so much more!

I am extremely happy, and that is so good! I have never been so busy, especially running my business, and been so happy! I have a wonderful husband, also a small business owner, a beautiful 5-year-old daughter, and a very close relationship with all of my family. Having such wonderful people surrounding me brings me the most fulfillment and sense of purpose.

My business also brings me a great amount of joy. I have spent two years working like crazy to become recognized and respected. Although there were times when I had the odd second of wondering if all this hard work was worth it, they were only fleeting moments. Two years of building this business has taught me more than I could ever have imagined, which is also very good.

Docu-Type Administrative Services is my baby (apart from my daughter :-) and it has and continues to require much of my attention and nurturing. I’ve built this business through my passion to create end results for others that help them build their businesses. I partner with them (in a sorts) to ensure that everything, from their administrative tasks to their websites, runs smoothly. This allows them to concentrate on their revenue generating tasks.

I take pride in helping others, especially overburdened small business professionals. But, they aren’t the only ones I enjoy helping. I also like to guide up-and-coming VAs when I can. When I was researching starting my own home-based administrative assistance business, I was lucky enough to come across a couple of wonderful veteran VAs who allowed me to turn to them for guidance and information. They were always there with their words of wisdom and support.

It is very important to me to be able to help those that are just starting out in this industry. I want to continue instilling the values and professionalism that were taught to me by those wonderful mentors that I am honoured to have learned from.

Unfortunately, as my practice has become so busy, I can’t always personally address each inquiry that I receive. I really wish I could! But, I guess this type of scenario is all too true when your business becomes successful. You become so busy ensuring your clients are completely happy that you lose touch of some of the other parts of your business that are fulfilling.

So, in an effort to continue helping VAs during the start-up phase, I put together a list of the wonderful links and information that I have collected over the years and have added them to my website, on a page entitled ‘Becoming A VA’. I have also constructed emails that answer some of the most common inquiries.

My passion to provide the best possible customer service, along with my professional services, is another force that drives me to strive to be the best I can be. I treat all of my clients like number one. Some of them I have even become close friends with. We share stories about our lives and other issues, off the clock of course :-)

Aside from being a successful, home-based Virtual Assistant and Website Designer, I am also a wife and mother with most of the usual responsibilities that being an adult includes, some of which I am not overjoyed about having to do.

Vaccuuming, this is one task that I am not keen about having to do. I love the final outcome but the road leading up to that conclusion isn’t my idea of fun. It’s the exact opposite to running my business. I am loving the journey!

And washing dishes. Nope, I don’t have a dishwasher. We live in the country and our water is supplied by our well. We were always afraid we would run out of water. Also, during the start up phase of my business and my husband’s towing and storage business, funds were tight. But, now they make dishwashers that are very ‘economically considerate’ and both of our businesses are doing extremely well, so… the dishwasher has now moved to number one on our want to have list.

There aren’t many aspects of running my business that I don’t like. My business and its success are my passion. I am determined to continue on the road of success and living by my mission statement. So far it has made me a happy person and life is good!

Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you about three wonderful accomplishments in my business life in the past year. I have been honoured with two prestigious awards. The first is the Most Successful Start Up 2000 award and the other is the Home Based Business of the Year 2000 award. You can find out more about these awards on my website. The other high point was receiving my certification as a Master Virtual Assistant (MVA) from VACertification.com. What makes this honour so special is that it was bestowed upon me (after meeting their guidelines) by my peers... by those I admire the most.

Well, that’s my life and what makes me happiest, in a nutshell :-).

Janice Byer is the owner of Docu-Type Adminstrative Services. Her company provides professional Virtual Assistance and Website Design.

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