How to Overcome Procrastination in Your Home Business

These smart tips on how to overcome procrastination will improve your business productivity and profits. How many times have you found yourself making will meaning "to do" lists for your business, and then not doing them? Once in a while you may run into an unexpected challenge that prevents you from completing your tasks, but if this becomes a chronic problem, then you may have a problem with procrastination. Procrastination is the habit of delaying or postponing tasks that need to be done. Procrastination can cause anxiety, stress, low self esteem and even financial loss.

Learning how to overcome procrastination is going to require some soul searching and truth on your part. Sometimes the problem develops because you are having trouble focusing on the task at hand. When you are the president and CEO of your own home based business, it is easy to scattered and have difficulty focusing on priorities. When you have a lot of new ideas and possibilities it can be hard to concentrate on one of them long enough to get it started, completed and profitable. Take some time to sit back, think, and focus on your business. Let your imagination roam freely and visualize where you want your business to go. Get your goals clear, and them map out a plan to get to them. Then, if you find yourself working on something that will not build your business, stop working on it and move on to a task that will!

Some people (me too!) can procrastinate tasks they do not enjoy doing. Perhaps you can't stand keeping track of your daily sales receipts, or and balancing your business checking account. Instead of putting this task off to the end of the day, schedule it for the first activity of the day when you are fresh and energized, and have the energy to tackle an unpleasant task. Then when you're done, give yourself a reward when you successfully complete the activity. If you just really, really REALLY hate a task, then consider outsourcing to a professional who can do a good job and save you the hassle. this will be money well spent that will free up your energy for tasks that you DO enjoy.

If you are like me and find yourself putting tasks on your to-do list that never get accomplished, you may want to start setting time limited and measurable goals for yourself. This is a very important step in learning how to overcome procrastination. If you simply tell yourself, “I need to write and distribute a press release,” you may never get around to doing it. However, if you decide that “I need to write and distribute a press release by the 10th of next month” you will have a clear, measurable goal and a due date, which will help to motivate you.

If you find yourself delaying the start of a big and complex project, instead of procrastinating, step back and think about it. You might be feeling overwhelmed! If the project is too big for you to grasp all at once, then break it down into smaller and more manageable steps. Instead of focusing on one huge project, create several specific groups of tasks. Ah, there, now don't you feel much better? :-)

Another reason we procrastinate has to do with being an unreasonable perfectionist! This will greatly slow down your business because you want everything to be perfect. You might have realized by now ... there is no such thing as perfect, especially in the world of business! It is great to have high standards and want to complete things to the best of your ability, but you need to balance this by easing up and let “good” be good enough. Learning how to overcome procrastination by de-stressing yourself will go a long way to supporting the profitability of your business!

Some people actually have a fear of success, or a fear of failure. They delay starting and completing tasks to avoid these painful feelings. If you suffer from this kind of fear it can feel paralyzing to you. It can be very helpful to want to consult a professional who can work with you and help you to move forward past these feelings. In the meantime, you can visualize how you will feel when you complete the task.

Old habits can be difficult to interrupt, but with a little time and persistence, you can learn new habits that will help you how to overcome procrastination and learn to start and finish your projects on time.


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