Promote Your Business With Local Business Expos

Using a local business expo is a great way to promote your online business. You will be in front of a whole new market; and you never know who is looking for your services. Here are some tips for holding a local business expo.

Decide On Which Type of Expo to Have

There are many types of expos to have; for instance, you could have a business-to-business expo, where the sole purpose is to bring business owners together for networking. You can also have an expo that targets a specific consumer market, such as an expo focused on children’s education. You will also want to make decisions regarding the cost to exhibitors and guests. You can charge your exhibitors a booth rental fee large enough to cover all the costs and allow your guests to have free admission or you can charge a lower fee for booths and require the guests to pay a nominal entry fee.

Find a Location

When you first begin organizing expos, it is better to start small and work your way up. Check around with local hotels, community centers and restaurants to see if they have conference rooms for rent.

Find Sponsors & Exhibitors

You will want to call upon local businesses to find exhibitors and sponsors. An exhibitor is someone who rents a booth and has it set up to meet and greet the expo’s guests. A sponsor is someone who has donated money to help you pay the costs of the event or donated a prize that will be won by a guest at the event. You may also want to check with the local high school or college and put in a request for interns to help you organize and set up the event. The students will work for you for free in exchange for the experience.

Publicize Your Event

When you plan your budget, make sure you allot a portion for publicity. You can receive free publicity by sending press releases to local newspapers, radio and television stations. However, you will also want to consider taking ads out in within the media in order to draw the best crowd possible.


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