Seven Tips for Affordably Marketing an Online Business

The process of marketing an online business takes some time to learn, and then as soon as you learn, things will change! That is one of the challenges of owning and operating an internet based business. If you decide to develop an internet based business, be sure to find reliable mentors that can teach you what you need to know about building and marketing a business.

As the internet has matured, there have emerged several trends in online marketing. One is the well known banner internet advertising where you pay to advertise on high traffic sites. Not everyone can afford marketing an online business using these more expensive methods however, and luckily there are many other ways you can gain exposure without breaking the bank!

Marketing an Online Business Tip #1 - Write Articles

One of the top FREE ways of marketing an online business nowadays is to write articles and submit them to article directories. Create an article that has useful information, and at the end of the article include a resource box that has information about you and your business. You can either choose the top article directories, or use a software or submission service to submit your article to many article directories. The important thing is to do this regularly, and you will see an increase in your website back links, page rank and traffic.

Marketing an Online Business Tip #2 - Create a Blog

Nowadays people want up to date information, and one of the simplest ways to offer this is to create a blog that you can update regularly. A blog has many benefits, as you can add entries quickly and easily, and your readers can be notified whenever you have added new information. A blog can notify your readers of new products and services your business offers, can offer valuable information, and inspiration, and can help you stay in touch with your customers. For more information on blogs, read our new free ebook How to Start a Blog.

Marketing an Online Business Tip #3 - Develop a Newsletter List

A newsletter is another valuable marketing resource, as it allows you to build relationships with your customers and prospects. Some businesses have merged their blog and newsletter, some keep them separate. A newsletter generally is sent monthly, or every other week, and has more substantial information than blog entries which tend to be shorter. Read more about using autoresponders to both build your newsletter list and your blog.

Marketing an Online Business Tip #4 - Search Engine Optimize Your Site

If you are smart, you won't even begin to think about building a website until you've done some profitability research into your website theme. There is nothing worse than trying to search engine optimize a website that was created from a poor foundation! Once you've researched to find out which topics are potentially profitable, you can build a website that will be likely to get some good traffic. Here are some tips we've learned about how to search engine optimize your site which is one of the best free ways of marketing an online business.

Marketing an Online Business Tip #5 - Use Google Adwords

One of the ways to quickly build traffic is to use the Google Adwords program. You can control the amount of money you want to devote to your advertising campaign, and choose how long you want your campaign to run. Be sure to have a good grasp of basic marketing principles before you create your ads, so that you can get the best response possible. Create an ad that compels the reader to click the link to your site. Then, create a web page that is tailored to your "Most Wanted Response". What do you want your visitor to do? Create a special page that immediately grabs their attention, and encourages them to opt into your e-mail list for more information. Keep it simple, focus your ad campaign on one product at a time, and track your results.

Marketing an Online Business Tip #6 - Create a Press Release

Okay, this is one area I still haven't mastered, after all these years. I can only tell you what I've heard, and that this definitely works to boost your visibility and site traffic. Create an online press release, written in the third person, about a newsworthy event in your business. Perhaps you have a new service, new blog, an anniversary, or a special event to share! Include several quotes from a real person (you can even quote yourself!) and submit the press release to as many online press release outlets as you can. The larger firms like now charge for press release, but there are smaller outlets which will distribute a press release for free. One of the benefits to using an established online press release service is that the press release will remain on their site and continue to offer back links, traffic and search results for people who are looking for what you have to offer! More articles on writing a press release:

Marketing an Online Business Tip #7 - Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Autoresponders

One of the most basic needs for anyone doing business online is getting traffic to your website. After all, if people don't visit your site, it doesn't matter how fantastic your product is, because you're not going to have the chance to tell them! One way you can dramatically increase your website traffic, and to build trust with your visitors, is by collecting subscribers and using follow up autoresponders. Here is a case study of how one website owner has *increased traffic to her site by 300%* by using this method. This has helped her to turn more visitors into customers and gives her a leg up in a niche where big players usually make it near-impossible for small business owners to survive and thrive. See how she did it .

More Tips for Marketing an Online Business

These seven tips are the most effective and affordable online marketing strategies today. They really work! I've tried them all, and am even getting better at doing those press releases! :-) You can find additional tips here on marketing an online business.

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