Office Organization Tips for WAHMs

These office organization tips can help you if you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions.

Do you have piles of papers on your desk?

Is there a stack of receipts shoved in your drawer?

Do you ever find yourself looking for a phone number that you just know you wrote down somewhere?

Do you find yourself spending excess time searching for simple papers and files that you use every day in your business?

Here are some organization tips and suggestions on how to tackle your home office.

It is no secret that having a disorganized work area is counter productive. By getting organized – and staying organized, you will be able to get more work done in less time.

Office Organization Tips #1 - Online Organization

If you are computer-friendly, you may be familiar with the program Outlook. You can use Outlook to keep track of your emails, your daily schedule, your to-do list, client phone numbers and email addresses and more. You can archive your older e-mails and even synchronize your MP3 player to Outlook and keep all of your info with you wherever you go!

Office Organization Tips #2 - Offline Organization

For those that are not as technology advanced, you can still get organized by using old-fashioned paper products. If you do not have a day planner, get one! There are many kinds of planners to choose from, in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Find one that fits your needs and use it to keep track of doctor appointments, school meetings, your work schedule, etc. Set up a client database to keep track of phone numbers, emails and other information. You can do this by getting some 4” x 6” index cards and a recipe box.

Office Organization Tips #3 - Oh the Dreaded Taxes!

April 15 is a day that many Americans dread – it is the due date for your taxes! An easy way to keep track of receipts is to get a hanging file folder and 12 manila envelopes. Have one envelope for January, one for February and so on. During the month, throw all your receipts in the corresponding envelope. When the month is over, tally up your receipts and write it on the outside of the envelope. That way, when tax time comes, most of your work will already be done.

If you prefer to file your tax information online, there is a handy and inexpensive program called Internet Tax Helper that will quickly organize your tax information. There is a version of this software also available for direct sales and network marketing businesses called MLM Tax Helper . I've found these tools to be incredibly helpful in staying organized, and they are simple enough that you won't need hours to learn

By taking some time each day to “take care of the little things” you will stay organized, feel less stressed, and get more work done!

You can receive more ideas for office organization tips and a free WAHM guide to success by taking our free Internet Business Ideas course.

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