Staying Motivated in Your Business During the Summertime

Staying motivated each day in your home based business is difficult enough, especially with the challenges of raising a family! Staying motivated during the summer months is even more challenging! When you're the boss, it can be TOO easy to take a day off of work on your business and go to the beach! Flexibility and spontaneity are two of the blessings of a home based business, but this needs to be balanced so you don't lose ground in the summer months. These tips will help you stay motivated during the summertime, and all year round, without getting burned out.

It is well known in the business world that what you do in your business today will affect your business three months in the future. If you begin to slack off too much in May and June, you will not notice the difference in your business until September. Since you didn’t notice any slowdown in your business in July or August, you may have continued to work less, which means that your business will be suffering way into November! Then comes the holidays, when many people work less because of holiday shopping, parties, and school functions.

You can avoid all this trouble by staying motivate and keeping a balanced, regular work schedule even in the summertime. If you have school age children who are on summer vacation, you will not be able to work as much as you did during the school year. That’s fine, as long as you keep working regularly each week for a certain amount of time. This way your business will keep growing even though it may not be growing as quickly.

One way of staying motivated is to keep a set of written goals in your home office or work space. This will remind you of what needs to happen and will be an excellent motivator. When you set goals be sure to include the date you intend to complete them! Otherwise, it will be TOO easy to put them off until another day.

Along with your goals, create a list of rewards you will treat yourself with when you complete your goals. Perhaps you'll have an afternoon at the spa, a pedicure, some special qualify time with your partner, or other special luxury. Having something to look forward to at the end of a task can definitely motivate you to complete it!

Find a group of other home business owners, either locally or online. Set up weekly challenges among yourselves and find ways to make your business fun. Hold each other accountable for your goals and stir up a bit of a friendly competition. Have everyone put $5 into the pot, and whoever wins the weekly contest gets the money to order take out food instead of cooking dinner!

Another way of staying motivated is to start write a list of all the holiday presents you want to purchase for your family and friends. Seeing that list and knowing you'll need to come up with the money to buy them can most definitely help you stay focused on your business, even during the lazy hazy days of summer!


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