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This offer to our website visitors offers you free mentoring and a special report ($69 value) to those who start your web business using our recommended affiliate product Site Build It . If you're not yet familiar with Site Build It, this short video, created by one of our fellow home business women, will give you an idea of why this is one of the few services we recommend.

Site Build It!

Here's how it works! For a limited time we are offering one free online mentoring session (a $50 value) and a free "Website Check Up" Special Report ($19 value) to those visitors who purchase Site Build It through our affliate link.

In order to qualify for this special offer you must be a first time Site Build It customer, and purchase through our affiliate link. This offer is not available if you have already purchased Site Build It or other Sitesell products through another affiliate, or if you are already a SiteSell affiliate referred through someone else.

You may inadvertently have become "cookied" to another Solo Build It affiliate in your travels on the web, so you can ensure that your purchase is properly credited by following these instructions which will guarantee you'll qualify for your free mentoring session and special report.

  1. When you go to the Solo Build It order page scroll down to middle of the page where you will see a form that says "Secure Order Form".
  2. Click the link above the form (on the right) that says "order by phone". You don't need to actually order by phone, just LOOK here at the verification code number (in red) that is shown in the little box. You should see the number 131776. That ensures that your order will be credited properly!
  3. IF you get another number that shows up in that box, clear your browser cache and go to the order page again. Do you see the verification number 131776? If so, your order will be credited to me. If not, then simply call in your order at 1-877-999-6977 (North America) or call 450-458-5847 if you live outside of North America.
  4. Once you make your purchase, please go here to this page to sign up for your free mentoring session, and we will get back to you within seven business days! We will send your Special Report when we respond personally to your questions. Thank you for visiting and we wish you many blessings in your life and business!

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