Website Content Ideas - Keeping It Fresh

New website content ideas are essential for any internet business. When you are new to building websites, you may think that the actual construction is the hard part. After a while though, you will begin to realize how hard it is to keep your site updated and full of fresh content. That is where the real work lies!

Constantly adding new articles is the best way to keep your content fresh. If possible, try to add a new article every day. This will also help your search engine optimization. Search engines love content and the more content you have, the more traffic they’ll send to you.

If you do not like to write, there are other website content ideas you may want to explore. You can find free articles that you can publish through reprint directory sites. You will need to include the author’s bio box at the end of the article.

If you would rather not promote someone else's business on your website, you can purchase private label rights articles. Also known as PLR, these are pre-written articles, often sold in packs. These are inexpensive; however, they are sold to more than one person. If you are looking for fresh, original content, you may want to hire a ghostwriter. Ask other internet marketers for referrals. Many people use ghostwriters; it is not uncommon at all.

Keep your content timely. Nothing says “stale” better than outdated content. If something of importance is happening, find a way to include it in your website content ideas. For example, during the month of October you can include information about Breast Cancer Awareness.

If a holiday is approaching, add information to your site that your target market can use. For instance, if Earth Day is drawing near, and you have a website targeted to families, fill it with information on making simple, earth friendly changes to your daily habits, teaching your children about the Earth, and Earth Day celebrations around the world.

When an event is over, remove the information from your home page. If you published pages that contain articles about a certain event, move the links to an archive page. Your readers will still be able to find the content, but your home page will remain fresh looking.

When celebrities are in need of a fresh image, they get a makeover. This can work for your site as well. If you have been using the same banner for your heading since the day you first went live on the internet, change it up a little and see if your visitors take notice. Always be looking for new and unique website content ideas.

You can keep the look of your site fresh by Including photos, graphics, and illustrations. As you add or delete content, move your images around. Your visitors will automatically know something has changed when they see your page.

You can use the updates you have made as a way to increase traffic to your site. Let your mailing list know about site updates by sending them a weekly or monthly newsletter. You can include article excerpts with links to the full text, for instance. These are just a few website content ideas, do you have more? If so, write to us and share your newest website content ideas.


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