List Your Business in our Womens Business Directory

List your woman owned or woman friendly home business in our Womens Business With Heart Directory here. We are looking for high quality, family friendly sites. We no longer list businesses that use free web hosts, or sites that do not have a unique domain name. See below for more information.

Priority listing will be given to those sites which legitimately link back to our site.

Here are the criteria we use for choosing sites for our directory:

  • Our directory is for women in business so we give priority to women owned and woman friendly businesses. Does your business help women?

  • Your site must be a family friendly website. We don't list businesses involved with gambling or online gaming.

  • Your site must provide either valuable content, or offer a clear product or service. We do not list websites that are simply a list of advertisements or links.

  • If your site is a replicated website, you must have your own unique domain. (See below)

If you would like priority listing, here are the criteria we use for link exchanges.

    Your link exchange must be linking to and from the same site.

  • Your links page must be accessible from your home page.

  • We require a legitimate link from your site. We do not consider a link with a "no follow" attribute to be a legitimate reciprocal link.

  • If your site is accepted for link exchange, we will contact you. If you later remove your link to our site, our software will remove you from our link exchange program.

We reserve the right to decline any directory listing or link exchange with websites that are not related to the theme, quality standards or the spirit of our site.

For priority listing, please add the following code to your site, and then fill out the form below.

How do I List My Direct Sales or Affiliate Business?

To list your direct sales or affiliate business website in our directory, you will need to purchase a unique domain name that allows you to re-direct traffic to your affilate site. This costs anywhere from $3 to $8 and is a worthwhile investment in your business.

For example, if your website is, then purchase a domain name like and then re-direct this domain to your MyTupperware site. This can be done with any affiliate site, and creates a professional image for your business. You can even advertise your new domain with a web decal which will advertise your business on your car!