Womens Business Stories

These are some of the testimonials and womens business stories we've received as feedback to our mentoring services and our Internet Business Ideas course.

Dear Gay and Rusty - Just want to say thank you. Your website encouraged me to do an SBI website. I had signed up as an affiliate years ago (therefore unfortunately when I decided to purchase a website it was through another referrer.) But, it was your site and your emails that encouraged me, and I'm enjoying it so much. I will check back to your website often.

Leah (October 2008)

I am truly grateful for the information you've provided on this site, and through your e-course. It's exactly what I've spent hours searching for on Google. I don't have any questions as yet (so far they've been answered). Thanks again!

Shanelle Adams

You don't know how much this information I've been receiving from you means to me. I was one of those who always thought that you have to be an internet guru to own an internet business or even create your own website, but after all the info I've been receiving I have a renewed faith in myself that I can do this. So thank you so very much.

I'll appreciate anymore information that you can give me that will help me some more. I have not really made up my mind yet on what business I'll like to start but I have done alot of work on my work book and I'm still playing around with ideas but be rest assured that you will be a part of it. So, I'll keep you posted on what I've decided to do. I'm also waiting for my graduation gift. Thank you and God bless you.

Bara from the UK

Dear Gay and Rusty, this site has been God sent. For real!! It is giving me so many ideas, and motivating me to take control of my life and be a more confident woman. I just went through Part #1 .....AMAZING. I can't wait to get started with SBI. Thanks again, Be blessed.

Shermane Morales

I am so glad I stumbled onto your website. I receive your newsletter and both are very informative for me. I will be utilizing your site for references often. I will tell others about you too. I am like you building an online business is not an option. I have a 8 year old autistic son I homeschool (just made honor Roll), and care for 24/7, so I need to operate a business from home. Thanks for being around for others when we need you! :)

Sharron at www.preciousshabbygifts.com

Hi from Australia, I am enjoying your emails very much. Your site is fantastic and I feel blessed that I came across it. Thanks for everything.

Sandra Philpott

First, let me say what a blessing your website is. I wish I had done more research first (finding & reading your website) before diving into my new venture. I received your first email and your follow up email. All the information was very helpful.

I had looked up "Women entrepreneurs, grant money, advise" on Google's Homepage and your website was listed among many website links advertising free grant money. Something drew me to click onto your website and I'm glad I did. I found out there's no such thing as free money to start your own home business. You saved me a lot of time and money from chasing after money that isn't there.

In August of 2005 I started a web-store business, and I was one of those people who thought I was going to get rich quick, quit my day job, and live happily ever after, which of course, wasn't the case. I spent my life savings ($5,000) to get the home business going and fortunately was able to write it off on my tax return for last year.

After I ran out of money I searched for ways to advertise cheaply. Then I looked for free grant money on search engines and ended up receiving useful information from your website. The 5 reports I received from you opened my eyes to the real world of running a home business and to press on because things don't happen over night.

I can't thank you enough for all the web links you included in your reports that are a great assistance to me. Thanks again Gay and Rusty for all your help! I've already added Homebizwomen.com to my favorite links. You're jewels! Take care,

Janet Sanchez www.elegance-eileen.com

My name is Jennee located in Singapore. After serving the corporate world for more than 20 years, I finally quit the corporate ladder for an inner happiness fulfillment home based business. Business is just not about making money, my home based business offers me a very solid foundation in attaining true health and longevity. Most importantly, it gives me meaningful approach to life fulfilling needs of career satisfaction, clear and healthy body and mind, freedom, quality family time and spiritual needs.

I was excited to get connected to your wonderful homebizwomen website and was educated so much on internet and network marketing issues. They are not only informative, you provide valuable tips and ideas on marketing online and links to source for our biz tools.

Most of all, I like the feeling of having connected with your mentoring style which blend well into my personality style perfectly. Thank you for your invaluable sharing and looking forward to receive more future mails.

Jennee Kuan

I was doing research on starting a virtual assistant business, when I ran into your site. I was impressed with the wealth of information it contained and I am thankful for the links to so many resources. I was really motivated and encouraged by the success stories. Thank you for your help.

Ilse Goff

I am learning a great deal through your courses. I am a novice to the business realm and these courses have already kept me from running in circles with different ideas.

Cheryl Goode