Work At Home Jobs

Alternatives to Home Based Business

How do work at home jobs differ from a home based business?

A home business offers you unlimited income potential and the opportunity to be your own boss. You typically have a hand in most every facet of your business. You invest in your business and you take risks and work hard to built it into a profitable and thriving enterprise.

Work at home jobs offer you the opportunity to receive a regular salary and to do one specific task, and you are paid by an employer. Home employment typically offers more security and less risk than a home business.

For many people, the reason they want to do a home business is to get away from working for an employer! However, there are some advantages to work at home jobs. In fact some home business owners supplement their business income with a work at home job!

Advantages to work at home jobs

  • You work at home, no need to commute or deal with traffic, parking and driving.
  • Depending on your employer's needs you may be able to negotiate a flexible schedule.
  • You're paid a predictable salary so you have some regular income.
  • You may receive benefits like sick time, vacation time, health insurance.
  • Your employer worries about her or his business, you just do your job! No need to worry about the bigger picture.

How to find work at home jobs

Work at home jobs are not easy to find! Competition is fierce for these positions, but they can be found with persistence and patience. One of work at home jobs (Clickbank affiliate) resources that stands out as an honest and high quality service is Home Job Stop which is unique among work at home jobs listings because they offer LOCAL telecommuting listings in their searchable database. They also do not pad their listings with advertisements disguised as job listing, they focus on real employment.

Freelancing Jobs

Instead of regular work at home employment, you may find that you enjoy working on short term projects. Freelancing allows you to freedom to work in spurts and then take a breather!

There is also the down side that you will not be working when your project is finished, so you need to be realistic about what you can reasonably expect for income, since it may take time to find your next project.

Freelancing allows you to have control over your work flow, and can be interesting as you are always working with new clients. Some of the downsides are that you can run into unscrupulous clients who will not pay you. A freelance marketplace offers some protection for both the buyerand the service prodicer. They typically receive a transaction fee from you, the service provider, and the service is free for buyers. They ask for feedback so that your work is rated for other potential clients to see.

Negotiating Flex-time Employment

Perhaps your current job can be modified so you can spend more time at home. is a working mother's guide to successfully negotiating flex-time strategies with your employer. This unique website offers help in developing a confident negotiating position and developing a persuasive proposal to present to your employer, so that your alternative work request is more likely to be approved.