65 Reasons to Write a Press Release

If you've done any reading on the subject, you probaby realize that sending out press releases is one of the most effective, cost-free strategies available for marketing your business. All too often, however, we just can't think of WHY to send a release. We are under the mistaken impression that we simply have no news worthy of sharing.

Here's a list of 65 reasons to send out a press release that will help dispel that notion and help you get started TODAY to utilize this outstanding promotional strategy for your business:

• A contest you're sponsoring
• A contest you've won
• A grant you are giving
• A grant you have received
• A scholarship you're contributing to
• A scholarship you're sponsoring
• An award or commendation you've received
• An award or commendation your company has received
• Appearance at national events
• Articles written about you
• Articles you've written
• Awards you are handing out
• Business anniversary
• Business expansion
• Business Open House
• Change in business hours
• Classes you are teaching
• Classes your company is sponsoring
• Clients, or customers you have acquired
• Company events or programs
• Company name change
• Company sponsored trip for your employees
• Company tours you make available
• Contributions you are making to a local charity
• Corporate accomplishments
• Corporate sponsorships (sports teams, etc.)
• Ezine or newsletter you publish
• Facilities expansion
• Free classes you offer
• Free demonstrations you're putting on
• Free information available at your website
• Free samples you're offering
• Fundraiser you're sponsoring
• Guest you've invited to speak to your employees
• Holiday promotions
• Holiday tie-ins
• Joint venture with another company
• Key employees' retirement
• New employees you've hired
• New products or services you're offering
• New website or online service you're offering
• Participate in local events
• Patents you have applied for or been awarded
• Personal accomplishments
• Polls and surveys you've taken
• Publications you have to offer online or in print
• Report on a fundraiser you finished
• Research you have conducted and the results
• Sales promotions
• Speaking engagements you have planned
• Special events you are participating in
• Special events you are promoting
• Special meetings you're hosting
• The latest book that mentions you
• Trade shows you are participating in
• Trademarks you have applied for or been awarded
• Training seminars you are attending
• TV show appearances
• Visits by local celebrities
• Website anniversary
• Workshops you are presenting
• Your appointment to a board or committee
• Your company's incorporation
• Your latest book
• Your retirement

While there are many other reasons to write a release, these ideas should help you jumpstart your creativity.

For more information on HOW to write a press release, read How to Write a Press Release That Editors Will Publish.

Article copyright © 2005 by Darlene Bishop. All rights reserved worldwide.

Darlene "Dee" Bishop is a Christian minister, writer, and creative designer who has succesfully worked online since 1998. Visit her website at http://sensiblesitesolutions.com and learn how her common sense marketing and website design solutions helps churches and WAHMs develop a valuable online presence.


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