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Internet Business Ideas, Issue #001 -- The Truth About Making Money Online
February 19, 2005

Welcome to Part 1 of our Five part series.

Part 1 - The Truth About Making Money Online

Make $10,000 your first month!! Have you seen this before?! Yes, I have too. But guess what? I'm sorry to say ... A solid and profitable internet business takes time, commitment, courage, and yes, some money to invest to get yourself up and running.

There is no such thing as a free business. On the internet as in any business, you need to GIVE first, then you will receive.

Giving first means you will have to have something to give! You need to lay a good foundation for your business.

The rewards are many. With your own business you have the freedom to create the kind of work environment that you MOST enjoy, and that reflects who you are and what kind of contribution you want to make in the world.

If your business is home based, in most countries you are also eligible for generous tax savings which can help fund the start-up of your venture.

Internet business, like ANY business takes TIME to bear fruit, and the sweetest rewards come to those who persist.

You won't make overnight riches, but you CAN build a growing income if you are persistent and take the time to educate yourself, to know yourself, and to nurture and develop your own entrepreneurial spirit!

About Us

You can learn more about us at

We struggled unsuccessfully for many years to find a way to develop a business from home ... until we discovered the internet! Now we are able to earn income from home ... and you can do the same.

We will not hype you and tell you that succeeding in business is easy, or that you will make riches overnight.

But ...

You CAN earn an honest income with sincere, consistent effort, with what we are about to share with you here. So roll up your sleeves, get a cup of your favorite beverage, and print out this report so you can refer to it later!

Well this is probably the best advice we can give you at the beginning. Look at what you ENJOY ... what is your passion?

Choose a business that will be FUN for you! You are MUCH more likely to succeed at something you enjoy doing, that ties into your own dreams and life purpose. You're going to need consistent and persistent effort to build your business, and the motivation MUST come from within you.

In fact, the MORE passionate you are about something, the BETTER for you and your business!

This entire course will give you ample opportunity to "try on" different kinds of businesses to see what works for you and what is compatible with your interests.

Some ideas for getting to know yourself better are here:

Choose a Niche

On the internet, one of the biggest mistakes that a small business person can make is to try to compete with the big companies by being all things to all customers.

Don't bother trying to do will only lead to headaches and an overwhelming desire to throw your computer out the window! :-)

The FIRST thing you need to do, once you have a clear sense of your interests and talents, is to RESEARCH to find a profitable niche.

Finding an online niche is THE most important step in your future success. It may take you months to research but this will serve you extremely well in the future.

If you find something that LOTS of people are looking for ... in a market area that still has room for expansion ...

You could do VERY well!

Here's one of the first steps I recommend in researching a niche. It's a free course that will take some time and effort, but that WILL pay off.

Download the "Affiliate Master's Course" here:

Even if you end up NOT using affiliate programs you will learn a HUGE amount from this course. I can't believe they don't charge $97 for it!!

What Kind of Business?

There are several different kinds of internet business opportunities. In a nutshell, you can develop your OWN product or service, or you can promote other people's products or services.

Developing your own product or service takes some time, money, energy, and knowledge. The benefit to this kind of business is that you are offering something unique to world that is yours, and you may be able to keep more of the profits.

The challenge to this kind of business is that you are responsible for handling all aspects of the product or service development, fulfillment, distribution, marketing and so on, and it may take you longer to become profitable.

Business For Beginners

Most business beginners decide to start off promoting other people's products or services at first, and as they gain experience they may later branch off into developing their own.

The benefit to promoting someone else's products is that you don't need to deal with the complexities of product development, fulfillment and so on.

The challenge is that you do not have as much control over your business, and your profits will be less in the beginning since you'll receive a portion of each sale you make from the company.

We will cover BOTH kinds of business in this course, starting from the simpler to more challenging.

Which is best for YOU? Only YOU can answer this question, based on your unique gifts and interests.

Promoting Other People's Products

You'll find many opportunities online for Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, and Network Marketing business opportunities.

In fact these are so plentiful that it's easy to get overwhelmed looking at the dozens of opportunities to promote all kinds of products and services.

When you are looking into these kind of opportunities, be careful, ask lots of questions, and take your time to investigate the company you would represent thoroughly.

Some tips for choosing legitimate companies can be found at

The most important rule here is to be VERY selective, and to choose companies that are solid, reliable, and that have something UNIQUE to offer that can be distributed effectively, and simply, through person to person marketing.

There are thousands of affiliate and network marketing companies, so choose something unique that doesn't have competition so you can maximize your customer base.

Be sure to check out the company management. You don't want to spend your time, energy, and money promoting a company that will not be in business next year!

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