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Internet Business Ideas, Issue #005 -- Getting Into Profit Sooner
February 19, 2005

Welcome to Part 5 of our Five part series.Part 5 - How to Make a Profit Sooner Rather Than Later

Focus First

First and most importantly, do NOT over-diversify. This is a common mistake that internet business beginners make. By getting involved with too many opportunities you dilute your efforts and do not have the time to learn what you are doing.

Choose one niche to begin with ... get THAT one profitable, THEN add another. Choose ONE theme to focus your first business efforts on and choose complimentary, synergistic income streams.

The "Affiliate Master's Course" has an excellent section on how to brainstorm a topic that is potentially profitable ... that other people are looking for! Download the course online here at:

Do What You Love

This may sound obvious, but choose a theme for your business that you LOVE! Choose something that excites you, that is in harmony with your own values, dreams and your larger vision for your life.

All business requires persistence, patience, and the ability to overcome obstacles, so you'll want to be doing something that you really love doing!

Here's a tip for turning your passion into profit:


At the beginning, keep your business SIMPLE and yet EXPANDABLE... centered around ONE theme, and with room for SYNERGISTIC multiple income streams.

A common mistake many internet business beginners make is to get involved with too many unrelated businesses at once. Their website looks like a shopping mall of many diverse offerings.

Remember that on the internet, focusing and developing a NICHE will be more profitable than trying to be everything to everyone.

Let's look at a few examples of how you can put these principles into action ... ranging from the more simple to the more complex.

Do NOT do all of these ... choose ONE to start!


Scenario one - Simplicity With a Turnkey Business


Let's say you like the idea of a franchise kind of business, where all the product, marketing systems and business plan are already set up for you. You love talking with people, you enjoy working with and teaching others, you have some leadership ability, and you don't mind enjoying some unique products, and helping others to do the same.

After researching the industry to learn about how to choose a reputable company to represent, you interview several potential network marketing mentors, and you choose a great company and team to work with.

You are promoting on the internet as well as offline, so you use some reputable Network Marketing advertising and training resources like

When new people join your business they are also looking for advertising, so many of them choose to use the advertising sources you recommend.

This pays you referral commissions, resulting in a nice extra income stream with no extra work.

Within a few months you have a growing customer base, several income streams and a few business partners working with you!


Scenario two - Very Affordable Business


Let's say you're a stay at home mom with very little money to invest in a business ... but you've got an attic full of kids clothes, toys and other stuff that is in great shape but that you don't need. You like to help other moms and you decide to create your own internet auction business! You don't need a website OR advertising, because auction websites have very high traffic on their own.

You educate yourself so you are ahead of the learning curve, by taking a free course at

And you purchase an inexpensive 'how to' manual called "Make Your Net Auction Sell"

You set yourself up on EBay and a few other auction sites for a nominal fee, selling children's items.

As you gain knowledge and experience you discover more ways to find items beyond your own attic ... and before you know it you're having fun and your business is growing!

As you gain experience you research and discover sources for other kind of related products that you enjoy selling, that you can offer on your auction site, so that once your own items have sold, you have an ongoing and growing auction business.


Scenario three - Your Own Website


Let's say you love animals! You're not much of a 'people' person and are a bit shy. You want to creat a website that will eventually turn a p.rofit.

You brainstorm and do some research on the internet (that you learned how to do from the "Affiliate Master's Course")

and you discover some highly profitable themes ... areas where a lot of people are searching but there aren't a lot of websites to meet that demand yet.

Here are some real life examples of pet related search terms that are in high demand, but there are few websites to meet that demand. The fewer websites already there, the easier for your site to make it to the top of the search engines!

pet finders 11,013 demand (# of searches per month) 472 supply (# of websites fitting that search term)

pet for sale 14,124 demand 699 supply

pet adoptions 22,613 demand 10,765 supply

Based on what you learned, you decide to create a website to help connect pets with pet owners. You will open up your income streams in phases. First you start with links to several affiliate programs.

This process could take 1-3 months to research, write and build your first website so that it's listed high in the search engines.

You use a nifty tool Site Build It

It saves you about 2 months of research time, and it does all the technical stuff for you so you don't need to hire a designer or learn HTML or hire search engine specialists.

(I used Site Build It to create!)

Read what some other business owners say about Site Build It here:

During this time you choose your affiliate merchants and develop a newsletter or news channel to offer your visitors. It will take several more months for the search engines to list your website so you start getting traffic.

You put some advertising on your site from Google's Adsense Program

As you go along you learn more about how to create a high quality informational website, how to write effectively, how to 'pre-sell' to convert your visitors to customers, how to build traffic to your website.

Your Own Website Phase Two

After a few months your website traffic is growing and you are starting to bring in some i.ncome from your affiliate merchants. You are more confident of your internet marketing abilities and are enjoying the process.

As your traffic builds, your newsletter or new channel subscriber base has gone over 1000 and now you decide to offer additional advertising in your newsletter or news channel. This opens another income stream with very little work on your part.

Now that you've gotten some momentum going, you decide to create your OWN information product about "How to Find the Right Pet for You!"

You first educate yourseld by taking the f.ree "InfoProduct Master's Course"

And then later you purchase a manual called "Make Your Knowledge Sell" which saves you about a year of trial and error research time, and helps you create your product.

You decide it will be an e-book that is delivered online. You build a second website that is a sales website for your product, also using

You link from your informational website to your sales website, and you make sure it's high in the search engines.

You discover that Site Build It also has an affiliate program built in so you can create an affiliate sales force of people who promote your book for you!

Researching and writing this will take you some time, and will result in a unique product you can be proud of for years to come.

For advertising you create your own affilate program so other pet-friendly website owners can promote your e-book online!

Now you are having fun, enjoying meeting other animal lovers all over the world, and enjoying a growing income from your website and multiple income streams!

Later on you might decide to further expand your income potential by creating your own pet adoption service ... or you might decide to join a Network Marketing company that sells pet nutritional products ... the possibilities are endless!

::: In Summary :::

When you're starting an internet business, start simple but with room to expand and grow.

Choose a theme or a niche to focus on, and do some research FIRST to find out what themes, topics and products are in demand.

Choose something you are passionate about, that is FUN, and be open to learning and growing.

Commit yourself to your business for the long haul, not just a few months. Most people do NOT make money right away!

The internet changes fast, so be aware that you will regularly need to re-evaluate and re-invent your marketing strategies and systems.

The End And The Beginning

This is the end of our report but not the end of the story! As you start and build your internet business you will want to continue to grow and learn and develop your internet business skills.

If you have subscribed to this news channel you'll be able to access my newsletter "Home Business With Heart" which will assist you in growing and developing your business.

Best of success to you and many blessings on your new business!



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