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Internet Business Ideas 2007 - Report #3 -- No and Low Overhead Businesses
September 06, 2006
Hello New Internet Entrepreneur!

Part 3 - No and Low Overhead Businesses

Imagine an internet business where you don't need a website OR advertising! That's almost UNHEARD of in the world of business. But there is one VERY well kept secret online that is making some folks very good money.

No Website Or Advertising Required

How would you like to get paid to clean out your closet! Internet Auctions are one of the most cost effective and low risk internet businesses to start, as you don't need a website OR a big advertising budget, and you can start by selling items you already own!

If you're looking to start a business on a shoestring, auctions are a great place to start. To learn how to start and grow a profitable Net auction business download this complimentary 5 day Net Auction Masters Course.

If you are short on time and want a detailed, step by step "How To" manual written that will save you the learning curve so you can get profitable right away, check out Make Your Net Auction Sell e-biz in every closet! :-)

Make Money With Your Own Website

Most people create a web business backwards ... they get an idea, put up a site and then try to promote it. That's why they fail!

Why? Because they don't understand that if no one is looking for you in the first place, your site will never be profitable.

What you need to do first is some research to discover what kinds of website themes are in high demand but low supply by web surfers.

Then you can build the website from the ground up to be search engine optimized, so it will rank highly in the search engines. Believe it or not, you don't need to know HTML to do this.

Include the kind of information people are looking for, along with some carefully chosen affiliate programs, some advertising links, perhaps later on your own product, e-book or service .. and Voila, your own incredibly affordable, profitable web business. Work when you want, not need to be tied to the telephone or to a schedule.

See some of these profitable internet business case examples.

All three of my sites are listed in the top 10 search engines without paying a search engine specialist, and without even knowing HTML or fancy web stuff. That's why I get checks in the mail every month, even when I don't work! You can do this too, check out these results.

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