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Internet Business Ideas 2007 - Report #4 -- Developing Your Own Product or Service
September 06, 2006
Hello New Internet Entrepreneur!

Part 4 - Developing Your Own Product or Service

Many successful internet entrepreneurs have done this. The key is to provide information that people are LOOKING for, and to share that information with those people most likely to need or want it.

Though developing your own product or service takes time, creativity and persistence, it is easier than you THINK nowadays with the opportunities that the internet provides.

Many internet business owners who have gained some experience with Affiliate or Network Marketing move on to developing their own information product.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist. Everyone has valuable life experience that can assist others. And once you think about it, you'll be amazed at how MUCH you really already know.

How do you discover what you know, and how to translate this into a valuable product? For a complete step by step manual on how to turn your knowledge into revenue, check out Make Your Knowledge Sell

Newest Way To Share Your Information With Others

One of the growing trends on the internet is paid subscription websites. People are getting tired of looking at 2,000 separate websites to search for free information, and after encountering countless scams and disreputable business online, more people are willing to pay to read good, solid information and to participate in an exclusive, members only community environment.

A good membership site provides it's members excellent information regularly, at least several times per week, and provides forums and other services that build a shared sense of community. As the owner of a membership site, you receive ongoing residual income which grows as your site becomes more well known.

I've been learning about this trend myself and have done several months of research before setting up my own subscription website.

I recommend you stay away from the competitive and oversaturated small business market unless you have a very unique niche that you can fill. ( My new site is on the topic of spiritual healing. )

The software I chose to use to build the membership website is MemberGate, which has all the features I needed including search engine optimization. That alone is an outstanding feature, they have figured out how to automatically search engine optimize the member pages that are built with the software. This brings you a lot of free traffic, resulting in more income.

I did a lot of research on this topic, because I am not a web developer. I needed a reliable 'turnkey' software solution that was easy to use and that would be able to handle significant growth, and that didn't require me to hire a webmaster. Membergate was much less expensive than hiring a software developer to custom design a site.

My second choice for membership site software was MemberStar which has many good features but I did not choose them for several reasons. One, they are more expensive in the long un because you pay a monthly fee rather than a one time software liscence fee. Their sites did not have the professional quality graphic design that Membergate offered, and they laced some of the community building features I needed.

Your Own Service

People will pay for skills or knowledge that others possess, if they feel in the long run, that it is cheaper to pay you for your service than to spend the time to figure something out and do it on their own.

What can you do, that other people need? By services, this can be anything! It doesn't need to be Net-related services like programming or Web design. You could be...

a landscape designer

a cartoon artist

an import/export specialist for Germany

a tarot reader

an investment specialist in Brazilian bonds

an expert in Japanese netsuke

an accountant with special knowledge of tax havens

a copywriter

a trainer (of just about anything!)

The possibilities are endless. And whether your clients are "local" (ex., a fitness trainer) or "global" (someone who indexes books) in nature, you can learn how to use the Net to build a client base in a fast, cost-effective way.

Learn more about the business of selling a service online and you'll pick up some great ideas on different kinds of global and local service businesses

Another Service You Can Offer -- Create Profitable Websites

One very profitable, high demand service business is that of being a webmaster! This requires good communication skills, discipline, some creativity, and a good knowledge of the net. You can maximize your webmaster skills by building your clients a website that will make money! Your clients will love you, and this will put you in great demand. Learn more about how to create your own exceptionally successful webmaster business.

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