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Internet Business Ideas 2007 - Report #1 -- The Truth About Making Money Online
September 06, 2006
Hello New Internet Entrepreneur!

Part 1 - The Truth About Making Money Online

Make $10,000 your first month!! Have you seen these kinds of ads floating around on the internet?! Yes, I have too. It would be great if this were true, but its not. A solid and profitable internet business takes a LOT of time, commitment, courage, and yes, some money in the form of wise business investments to get yourself up and running

Running an internet business also requires some essential personality traits. You must be flexible and respond quickly to the rapid changes that happen online and with the technologies used to build a business on the internet. You also need to be extremely persistent, and willing to learn, learn, learn and then keep learning.

On the internet you need to GIVE first, then you will receive. People get online mainly to look for information, so you must give people what they are looking for... lots of good, high quality information.

Giving first means you will have to have something to give! You must research, research, research to discover what the needs are, and match this with what you know you can offer, so that you can lay a good foundation for your internet business idea.

This course is geared for internet business beginners. We are going to assume some basic knowledge of the net, but the information here is for those bright, ambitious women with a dream who have been successful in other areas, who want to learn how to build a business on the internet.

The ideas I'll share with you here aren't the only ideas out there, but are the ones that offer the simplest, shortest learning curve that I know of to get you up and running and profitable as soon as possible.

The rewards are many. With your own business you have the freedom to create the kind of work environment that you MOST enjoy, and that reflects who you are and what kind of contribution you want to make in the world.

If your business is home based, in most countries you are also eligible for generous tax savings which can help fund the start-up of your venture. The pitfalls are also many ... most home based business do not succeed immediately. There is a steep learning curve even with the most excellent of resources (we've found some of the best for non-technically minded folks!) You need to be smart, educated, persistent, and fast on your feet to respond to constant change.

Internet business, like ANY business takes TIME to bear fruit, and the sweetest rewards come to those who persist. You won't make overnight riches, but you CAN build a growing income if you are persistent and take the time to educate yourself, to know yourself, and to nurture and develop your own entrepreneurial spirit!

About Us

You can learn more about us here.

We struggled unsuccessfully for many years to find a way to develop a business from my home ... until we discovered the internet! Now we are earning a growing income from working at home on the internet, doing what we love. We KNOW that can you do the same, and we want to help. It is our hope that this free report will save you at least a year of trial and error!

Succeeding in business is NOT easy, but I will tell you this ... You CAN earn an honest income with sincere, consistent effort, with what I am about to share with you here. So roll up your sleeves, get a cup of your favorite beverage, and print out this report so you can refer to it later!

THE best advice I can give you at the beginning ...

Look at what you ENJOY ... what is your passion? Choose a business that will be FUN for you! You are MUCH more likely to succeed at something you LOVE doing, that ties into your own dreams and life purpose. You're going to need consistent and persistent effort to build your business, and the motivation MUST come from within you.

In fact, the MORE passionate you are about something, the BETTER for you and your business!

This entire course will give you ample opportunity to "try on" different kinds of businesses to see what works for you and what is compatible with your interests. You can review some ideas for getting to know yourself better if you'd like some new ideas.

Choose a Niche

On the internet, one of the biggest mistakes that a small business person can make is to try to compete with the big companies by being all things to all customers.

Don't bother trying to do will only lead to headaches and an overwhelming desire to throw your computer out the window! :-)

The FIRST thing you need to do, once you have a clear sense of your interests and talents, is to RESEARCH to find a profitable niche.

Finding an online niche is THE most important step in your future success. It may take you months to research but this will serve you extremely well in the future.

If you find something that LOTS of people are looking for ... in a market area that still has room for expansion could do VERY well!

Research - The Secret Tool of Internet Success

Here's one of the first steps I recommend before you make any decisions about what kind of business to choose. It's a free course that will show you exactly how to research a niche.

This will give you secret information about internet business that MOST people do not know ... or that most people pay thousands of dollars for! Go here and download the Affiliate Master's Course.

Even if you end up NOT creating a site or using affiliate programs you will learn a HUGE amount from this course. I can't believe they don't charge $97 for it!! This course helped me to lay a smart and longterm internet business foundation that is STILL paying me today.

Next Report - Turnkey Business Ideas for Beginners

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