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Internet Business Ideas 2007 - Report #6 -- How to Make a Profit Sooner Rather Than Later
September 07, 2006
Hello New Internet Entrepreneur!

Part 6 - How to Make a Profit Sooner Rather Than Later

These are some of the tips we've learned that can help you bring income in quicker from your new business.

  • Simplicity and Focus First and most importantly, do NOT over-diversify. This is a common mistake that internet business beginners make. By getting involved with too many ideas and opportunities at once, you dilute your efforts and do not have the time to learn what you are doing. Choose simple software and business solutions that assist beginners, so you can focus on your income producing activities.

  • Do What You Love This may sound obvious, but choose a theme for your business that you LOVE! Choose something that excites you, that is in harmony with your own values, dreams and your larger vision for your life. All business requires persistence, patience, and the ability to overcome obstacles, so you'll want to be doing something that you really love doing!
  • Niche At the beginning, keep your business SIMPLE and yet EXPANDABLE... centered around ONE theme, and with room for SYNERGISTIC multiple income streams. A common mistake many internet business beginners make is to get involved with too many unrelated businesses at once. Their website looks like a shopping mall of many diverse offerings. Remember that on the internet, focusing and developing a unique NICHE will be more profitable than trying to be everything to everyone. Once you get yoiur first project profitable, THEN add another.
  • Income Producing Activities Starting a business takes a lot of work and one of the common mistakes that many business beginners make is fousing too much time and attention on the wrong activities. For example they drown in administrative details and forget about marketing, or spend too much time with customers but without a comprehensive business plan.

    If you are a new business owner, take some time to figure out ONE single daily action that you can do EACH day, that will bring income into your business. For example, if you are building an informational website, set yourself the goal of creating one new page per day. If you're a network marketer, talk to five new people each day about your business. If you sell a service, gather three new leads each day, of potential customers who may need your service.

  • Little Known Tip to Get Profitable Immediately Did you know that as soon as you sign on the dotted line and start your internet business, you are eligible for hundreds of legal home business tax deductions? This can end up saving you thousands of dollars this year on your taxes! For many new business owners, keeping track of your expenses and deductions is overwhelming. Now you can get started saving money right away, as there is a new internet tax helper for internet business owners, which is so simple even a numbers challenged person (like me!) can use it.
  • The End and the Beginning

    This is the end of our report but not the end of the story! As you start and build your internet business you will want to continue to grow and learn and develop your internet business skills. Please stay in touch and let me know how you and your business are doing!

    Some Free Advertising for your New Business

    Did you find our Internet Business Ideas report helpful in choosing your internet business? Contact us to tell us how we helped you, and we will reprint your story and your website link on our testimonials page.

    If there is any way I can assist you in growing and developing your business, please be sure to let me know. I wish you the best of success and many blessings on your new business!

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