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Internet Business Ideas, Issue #009 -- Turnkey Internet Business Ideas
August 17, 2005
Hello New Internet Entrepreneur!

Part 2 - Turnkey Businesses for Beginners

A good turnkey business system will automate much of the sales process. Your job is to promote your products to the right people, and to provide the personal touch by building relationships with those that inquire.

Some, but not all turnkey opportunities require that you use the products you're promoting, so make sure you like the company and it's products!

Success Secret

When you first start out on the internet promoting other people's products, it can be tempting to get involved in a large number of opportunities. This leads to overwhelm and a lack of focus, and hardly ever results in income!

Do NOT over-diversify as you'll be way too scattered. Choose carefully the opportunities that best suit you, that are related to your interests, with companies you trust. Then STICK WITH IT!!! I cannot emphasize enough the value of longevity and persistence!

If you're starting with Affiliate programs, create just ONE website to start, pick a few excellent quality merchants to recommend, start building your traffic and newsletter list and get that one site profitable. THEN expand.

If you choose a Network marketing or Direct Sales business, choose ONE to start with, and perhaps a related affiliate program for example with a leads generation (advertising) company. Focus on getting that profitable first before you expand.

SIMPLICITY is the key, and as you learn and grow you'll be able to expand intelligently and avoid the "information overload" that so often comes with internet business.

If you're completely NEW, but want to start earning income right away, consider starting with a "Turnkey" opportunity FIRST, then expanding as you go. You may or may not enjoy a turnkey kind of business, so explore first before you commit.

To review the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing vsit

To review the advantages and disadvantages of network marketing as potential business model visit

Tips for Choosing a Good Affiliate Program

I'm pretty biased when it comes to affiliate programs. I'm an affiliate for about a dozen or so ... but there is one that I recommend above all others, because they have the best training I've ever seen and they provide so much support to affiliates.

Also, they are responsible for those checks I get in every month from my sites! :-)

Yes, I know I did some work too but it is these folks that taught me, and I learned partially through being an affiliate!

The affiliate program is free to join, you will instead invest your money into creating your own website and building an online news channel or newsletter list, or in sharing the products locally with your offline market.

You donít need to worry about transaction processing or shipping, the company does all that and provides you with the resources and tools to get your business up and running quickly and successfully.

This company provides an enormous amount of free training on how to develop a successful affiliate business.

That is why I recommend them FIRST as one of the best places to gain valuable experience. They have a TON of tools that you can use to promote their products, all of them free...

And even if you decide after learning more that selling internet products is not your bag ... you will definitely understand more about how to make money with affiliate programs! :-)

For more information on go to:

Follow the links to learn about their product line.

Tips for Choosing a Network Marketing Opportunity

Network marketing can be a simple turnkey business for a newcomer. Most teams provide free training, coaching and mentoring so that you can learn how to build your business.

However, understand that network marketing is not for everyone. You need to be a positive and extroverted person. If you're not, building this kind of business will be difficult for you. If you are sensitive, easily hurt, easily discouraged ... then do not get involved with network marketing.

It can be a frustrating, disappointing experience to realize that most people who SAY they want to work with you to build a business do not really have the focus, discipline or minset to do so.

New network marketers must contend with friends and family who may not be open to what you're doing.

Another challenge within this industry is that because it is referral based, and operates on word of mouth, some insensitive individuals will abuse their relationships which hurts the reputation of the entire industry.

I've seen some network marketers try to drag every one they know into business with them, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of their loved ones, and tarnishing the reputation of the entire industry.

And then there is the "Amway" experience. You're all excited about your new business and your friend asks with suspicion... "Is this like Amway?"

Sadly, what they usually are asking is based on the reputation developed by a few unscrupulous Amway distributors many years ago, that has persisted to this day. They're usually thinking "will you try and drag me to meetings and sell me motivational tapes and bug me to sign up even when I'm not interested?"

Nobody likes feeling used, and the golden rule of successful network marketing is the same as any other business ...give first, then receive.

Like any arena of business there are many scams online and some of them are network marketing companies. Be sure you check out the legitimacy of ANY network marketing company you are thinking of representing ... thoroughly!!

For more information on network marketing and how to find a legitimate opportunity, go to

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